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Tea set - Snowflake

Tea set - Snowflake

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This pumpkin teapot and matching tea cups with plates, are hand thrown and sculpted into a pumpkin shapes. The teapot lid is thrown in two parts, then attached, and decorated. Snowflakes are cut and applied with slip.

Maximum fillable capacity for use is 28 fl oz (just covering the spout holes). It is 7.5" tall and 10" wide. 

Teacups come with matching wooden texture plates and hold 8 fl oz, 3"tall, and 5.5" wide. 

They are bisque fired to cone 04 (1945° F), A combination of hand painted glazing and glaze pouring/ dipping was used for these pieces then fired to cone 6 (2232° F). 

This teapot is functional and can be used for making tea. 

NOT Dishwasher or microwave safe because of delicate details on lid.