Hello there! 
I’m Kat, the owner and sole maker of Kat Cave Studio in ATX. I specialize in hand thrown one of a kind pieces that are inspired by all things magic and fantasy.  
All of my pieces start out as little blobs of clay before they are manifested into functional works of art. I carefully and thoughtfully create individual pieces getting them just right, sharing a little bit of myself with each one (similar to a horcrux). But don’t fret! No dark magic is practiced in the making of these mugs. I like to think my mugs are bewitched with all the happiness and joy I put into making them which in turn gets wondrously transferred to the user. 
Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing my pieces adopted by those who use and appreciate their magical properties daily. 
My studio is my happy place where I get to play with clay, drink coffee, and make unique pieces just for you. Your support means the world so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any special requests or inquiries. 
Thanks for stopping by! :)